Here at Health Innovation Project, our goal is to provide the best variety of advertisement options for our website. We aim to help your company build and promote your brand and deliver your message through our viewers and list of subscribers. 


Button-type Sponsorship

We offer a button-type sponsorship advertisement that is a button. The button appears on each site link on our website. The button sponsorship advertisement will be located under the sponsors heading and will be set randomly as we give aim to each of our advertisers the same exposure. 

Text Ad 

The advertisement displays a described text advertisement that will be located along the top area of each page. The text will be the find image and/or text to load. The strip ad will also be placed in the center section that readers will see when viewing the site. 

Banner Ad Sponsorship 

The banner advertisement will be shown on the top center of the website.  

Please note: All sections of our advertisements well be sold on a monthly basis, using a contract subscription. Once the contract is up, you can choose to renew your advertisement, cancel or recreate your advertisement.