Interested in writing for Health Innovation Project?

We are currently looking for contributors who would like to share their knowledge and expertise in the medical-related field. If you are interested in providing us with your work, we want to know about it!

Before you Submit, please check for the following:

Please aim to write in a friendly tone, using conversational language. We expect that all submitted content must be well written and researched thoroughly. Articles must protect a thesis and offer a clear base of the topic given. Aim to support the content’s issue by using reputable sources and facts. We do not allow quick opinions as we strive to keep our information useful without adverse effects.

Keep all sentences and paragraphs short and well-structured. We favor articles with useful subheadings to make text easier to read. Use bullet or numbered lists if necessary and include links that are relevant to web pages, especially when used as medical and data sources.

What to avoid:

Please prevent the use of endnotes, footnotes, jargon, passive voice and acronyms when not necessary.

Here’s what we look for in content:

You may send us your rough draft and email us a short pitch that explains the content and what it relates to our topics and site. However, It is important to keep in mind that we only accept original content and do not repost any articles that have been published elsewhere – which includes your personal site and other sites you’ve written for.