Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Avoid GMOs

Today, Families, especially children are facing the greatest risk of the many dangers of eating genetically modified foods. This is because their growing bodies are more susceptible to allergies, have the most influence, problems with milk, and susceptible to nutritional uses as well as antibiotic resistance diseases.

Here are the top eight reasons why you should avoid GMOs.

1. GMO Foods are completely unhealthy

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has recently advised doctors to refrain their patients from consuming GMO diets. It is said that during their animal studies, reports of organ damage, immune system disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, quick aging, and infertility has been shown.

This can only predict just how human studies will show just how GM foods can cause us to have long-term issues with our bodies. In fact, genes can transfer into the DNA of the bacteria that lives inside us. The toxic insecticide produced by GM corn was also founded in the blood of women who were pregnant and also their fetuses.

Within a decade, the average percentage of Americans with chronic illnesses jumped from a mere 7% to 13%. Along with numerous health-related problems, food allergies, autism, reproductive disorders, and digestive problems have also increased.

2. GMO will contaminate organic soil

GMOs are said to cross-pollinate and ultimately affect the ground. This means it will be nearly impossible to pass away the contaminated gene pool and pollution will increase the harmful effects of global warming and waste.

The potential damage will threaten the health of the next generations as GMO contamination will cause the loss of economic growth in organic and non-GMO farms which are already struggling to keep their crops pure and chemical-free.

3. GMO increases the use of herbicide on produce

Today, most GMO crops are mad to be tolerant to herbicide, which makes them a deadly weed killer. US farmers have sprayed an estimate of nearly 400 million pounds of herbicide since 1996. This is causing farmers to turn to more toxic herbicides, which creates not only harm the environment but also higher toxic reduce. The results are said to be linked to hormone disruption, sterility, cancer and congenital disabilities.

4. GMO creates dangerous health side effects

By combining gene with separate species, this will cause genetic engineering to release a variety of unpredictable side effects. The process will also result in collateral damage that produces nutritional deficiencies, carcinogens, allergens, and toxins.

5. GMO is ignored by government regulations and safety assessments

Most environmental and health risks caused by GMO is ignored by the safety assessment and regulations of the state. In fact, the US Food and Drug Administration do not require safety studies or mandate the labels of GMO products.

6. The Biotech uses “tobacco science” to claim protection on all GMO products

Biotech firms like Monsanto released public statements about how PCBs, Agent Orange, and DDT were deemed safe. Today, the same companies are using the same research to convince us that GMO products are safe to consume. However, scientists have been caught being designed to avoid finding harmful effects but rather benefits.

7. All independent reach is attacked

Scientists who do go against GMO have been fired, gagged, assaulted, threatened and even denied future funding. It was also acknowledged that legitimate scientists had made attempts to expose the problems with the media.

8. GMO harms the environment

GMO crops and the followed herbicides have already been found to harm the environment, especially the insects, birds, amphibians, soil organisms, and marine ecosystems. As of now GMO crops are reducing the natural habitat for butterflies with a population reduction of 50% as well as fried bio-diversity, congenital disabilities in amphibians, and more.


While most families are looking to improve their diets and the quality of life, it is also important to know just where your food is coming. Choose a healthier brand that is organic and non-GMO. As GMO can provide little to no benefits to the consumers, rejecting their produce will force food companies to kick them out and become a marketing liability.

How have you found ways to provide your family with clean, organic produce? Comment below and tell us what you think of GMO!